Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)

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Barbados East Coast

Visitors tour deep inside the crystallized limestone caverns via small AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site. Home Travel Guides Barbados. List View.

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The island is a hotbed of adventure-themed activities, from diving and snorkeling to horse racing and underground cave exploration. Thrill seekers will find numerous options around the country. Share this list. Atlantis Submarine. Once onboard, sub-mariners plunge up to feet to observe colorful coral formations and sea life.

Photo courtesy of Bushy Park Racing Circuit. Bushy Park Racing Circuit. Motorheads can get their vroom on at Bushy Park, a 2. Visitors can opt to pilot a variety of vehicles from karts to Suzuki Swift Barbados Wildlife Reserve. This wildlife reserve in St. Peter parish is designed to present several animal species native to Barbados in their natural environment. Visitors can stroll through habitats that feature armadillo, brocket deer, pelicans, caimans, and monkeys Barbadians are overwhelmingly friendly, respectful people.

We finished our dinner and jumped into the water to catch a few miniscule waves at twilight. I push my son into a wave on my board and he gets to his feet. Somehow these tiny waves following a picnic dinner were everything in the world, a reason I always return to this little coral jewel, sitting alone in the Atlantic, east of the other Windward Islands.

Barbados Adventure Vacations

On the way to the garbage can as we clean up dinner, my son thanks Chris for his hospitality. He gets a fist bump and Chris takes the trash to the can with his own. Barbados is a relatively small Caribbean Island of square miles and under , people. Most of the interior is farmland and the shoreline can be divided into three defined coasts.

Outdoor Adventures in Barbados

The South Coast is anything south of the port city of Bridgetown. The East Coast is more rugged terrain of beaches separated by rocks and crags with amazing vistas and constant trade winds and trade swell. But even here, local life thrives. Sprawling five-star resorts are flanked by simple wooden homes of bright colors with a goat in the yard.

Instead of fenced off all-inclusive resorts, visitors and locals enjoy it together. This is perhaps something that makes Barbados so special. Even locals with highly successful businesses have a hard time buying a home near where they work. Most everything is imported and heavily taxed.

On the flipside, all the roads are paved, you can drink the water and the toilets all flush. Public buses run all over the country and there are smaller vans running on a less formal schedule as well as taxis. Renting a vehicle and buying gas are pricey, but generally worth it.

South Coast

Accommodations run a wide range from luxury villas to basic vacation rentals that can be secured through Airbnb or VRBO. The South Coast has the most options. Half the fun of this island is roaming around and eating.

The Bajan culinary experience ranges from world-class dining to a ton of delicious street-food offerings. They love chicken, and fresh fish is everywhere, most notably flying fish: relatively small fish that are delicately filleted and fried everywhere you look. Restaurants that serve anything other than traditional Bajan food are expensive, as the consumer absorbs the heavy value-added tax.

The surf has always been a draw, although surfers only make up a small part of locals and visitors. The smallish scene can be refreshing, compared to Puerto Rico or Hawaii. The wind on the East Coast is onshore the majority of the time outside of August-October but a few select reefs still set up the swell despite the wind. When that trade swell gets bigger, it wraps into the South Coast with everything from high-performance points to perfect coves for beginners.

Recent years have seen more travelers specifically coming to learn to surf, which has definitely congested a few line ups. But Barbados gets special when occasional swell arrives from the North Atlantic, really firing up East Coast spots and lighting up those normally dormant reefs on the West that are offshore every day. Kitesurfers also flock to Barbados for the relentless trade winds.

Island Tour of Barbados

The few surf shops offer more overpriced beachwear than surf supplies. Bring any gear you will need, ding repair and backup fins, leashes, etc. With a little research or an inquiry to a local trekking club you can find a few overland hikes. The other option is to ask around about smaller fishing boats that are moored off the west coast. This is far less technical fishing and can yield a variety of smaller fish with colorful local guides, but will take some asking around by the Millie Ifill Fish Market north of Holetown. Prices are about half for children.

Be sure to time that excursion at 2 p. The Reserve also has tropical birds and reptiles that are kept in a more traditional zoo-type setting.

Another is Animal Flower Cave on the northeast point of Barbados. The chamber is filled with a crystal clear pool that you can swim in.

Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados - TRAVEL VLOG 2018 - Cruise on Adventure of the Seas Part 3

The restaurant on the adjacent cliff is also excellent. Miami Beach , in Enterprise, is worth a visit, either for sun or a swim with other travelers and fun locals.

Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)
Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)
Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)
Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)
Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)
Barbados - The East Coast (Travel Adventures)

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