Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)

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Released October For comments and suggestions for improvements, please contact Ian Johnston]. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Series poster. Live improvisation Adult animation. Paul F. Larry Houston. Spencer Crittenden. Fondue Zoobag Dan Harmon , a half-orc ranger , and Boneweevil Jeff Davis , a goblin rogue , start out in their hometown of Earthscar where the Demon Seal ritual is starting. Beor O'Shift Erin McGathy , a half-elf barbarian woman, runs into the village asking for help with the cultists pursuing her.

The party fights the cultists, joined by Teflonto Paul F. Tompkins , Earthscar's champion, and the militia he commands. During the battle a mysterious knight named Vortheon strides into Earthscar and grabs the runestone protecting the Demon Seal, thereby unleashing three evil abominations.

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The cultists warn the party that they will collect all three runestones and resurrect the Great Manticore to destroy the world. Vortheon then blasts the party with dark blood magic, killing Teflonto, before fleeing through a portal with the surviving cultists. The village's chief convinces the party to go through the Stonesaw Mines to Freshport to warn his brother, Dunnan, of the danger facing the second runestone.

Chelsea Peretti. Dominic Polcino. She is the lone survivor after one of the arcane horrors attacked the mine. Deepak leads them to a volcanic forge, where they procure new equipment. One of the abominations manifests there, and takes demonic control over Deepak's body. She assaults the party, which causes Fondue to abandon them and retreat, only for Deepak to give chase. Beor catches up to them and impales Deepak, killing her and the demon within.

Quest for Happiness

Soon after, the party discovers a mineshaft elevator. It takes them out of the mines to find the port town of Freshport just ahead. Tech sneaks the party inside the Union House after being denied entrance by a guard. The party tracks down Dunnan in the study where he discloses that he has traded the second runestone to the cultists for the safety of his own family. He also reveals that the necklace around Beor's neck is the third runestone, which he tries to take by force, with the help of summoned monsters.

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Tech also turns on the group, after being offered a job in the dockworker's union. During the battle the study catches fire and the monsters and Dunnan are slaughtered. Tech, feeling guilty after betraying the trio, leads them to a window overlooking the Durnam Sea harbor. Fondue and Tech kiss before Tech leaves to distract the guards, giving the party time to escape into the cargo hold of a passing trading vessel. On the trade ship, the party meets the ship's captain, famed buccaneer Rib Sanchez. Ron Funches The party takes an instant liking to Rib, who welcomes them aboard as his guests.

A gang of adaro arrive to take over the ship. Battle ensues with Rib and his crew assisting the party , but is interrupted by the arrival of Vortheon who crashes his vessel into the side of Rib's ship, causing the adaro to retreat in a panic. Vortheon summons the second arcane horror to attack the party. It nearly kills Rib, but is ultimately struck down by Boneweevil. Vortheon still ensnares the party in magical bindings, and steals Beor's runestone.

The group save for Rib, who is allowed to go free is led onto Vortheon's ship which leaves for Manoa. The party is taken to the Manoa Prison Hole to be held captive. After Vortheon leaves, the party meets their cellmate, a gnome alchemist named Hawaiian Coffee Aubrey Plaza. With her help, the party lures guards into their cell and takes them out.

Hawaiian Coffee then leads the party through the Manoa Prison to the evidence locker on the top floor. Hawaiian Coffee recovers her potion-and-bomb-making kit, and the rest of the party recovers their weapons. Prison guards find them then. The party escapes out the nearest window, while Hawaiian Coffee distracts the guards by blowing herself up. The party quickly leaves, venturing into the Sandman Desert. Fondue, Boneweevil and Beor search for the Doorest of Fores that lies just at the edge of the desert. As they wander they come across a peddler's caravan under attack by wraiths.

The owner of the caravan, a sorcerer named Hohn Jodgman, John Hodgman offers them money and food if they save him and escort him to the Doorest of Fores. They force the wraiths to retreat, and then the party sets off with Hohn and his caravan. The party encounters the wraiths a second time, but once again drives them off.

Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1) Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)
Charlies Desert Mystery (Charlies Quests Book 1)

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