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    In other good news for chocolate lovers, scientists recently boosted the belief that dark chocolate may be a health food. They found that memory skills among older individuals were 25 percent higher for those who drank a mixture high in cocoa flavanols, which have antioxidant qualities.

    After Dark Cravings And How To Avoid Them

    The happy finding comes just in time for the holiday shopping season. Here is a primer on where to go based on the kind of chocolate available, the ambiance and the price. This is the second Alegio shop. Panos Panagos, from the broadcasting world, and Robbin Everson, from high tech, started this business in Berkeley. A tropical agronomist, Corallo previously ran a coffee plantation in Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. He left Zaire in the grim s, and bought an abandoned plantation in the island rainforest.

    Dark Cravings

    Today he has several hundred employees there, sustainably tending the heirloom cacao trees descended from seeds brought from Brazil in and producing some of the purest chocolate in the world. Alegio is a shrine to Corallo, with photos and stories, but also a tasting experience for up to 28 people. They've had team-building and family events nestled around a marble tabletop in the warmly painted Palo Alto store. The chocolate comes in a few varieties, but only cane sugar is added.

    Manage your sugar cravings in 3 steps

    It can be bought in bars and boxes. For the holidays, Alegio will also feature chocolate truffles. Tasting notes: This is like tasting wine. First you notice the aroma. Let the chocolate melt on your tongue, and it gives off different flavors, from savory to nutty. It is never bitter, waxy nor too sweet. The Chocolate Garage is a convivial, closet-size tasting room with couches and a coffee table. Out front are picnic tables provided by the neighboring nonprofit collective, UnaMesa. It is open only Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

    Sunita de Tourreil credits her parents with instilling a need to know where food comes from, and how much the farmer gets paid. She grew up near Montreal, though her father is from Switzerland and her mother is from India. She has a master's degree in molecular biology and human genetics.

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    The Chocolate Garage stocks more than chocolate bars from artisan makers all over the world. Besides offering the widest selection, the Chocolate Garage's distinguishing feature is the Future Chocolate account. Buying into this fund gets you a discount and invitations to new-release parties. Tasting notes: On a recent Saturday, the free tasting included three flavored chocolate bars. One featured fleur de sel, one licorice and one coffee.

    A wall-mounted world map showed where each originated.

    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings
    Dark Cravings

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