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Tears ran in slow icy rivulets from the corners of my eyes. Doing whatever I could do to stall, I removed my wallet and opened it, staring at the very first photo. Blonde, beautiful, and with incredibly expressive eyes, she looked back at me with only the purest of love and trust. Looking at my hands, I saw that I had forgotten to wipe the blood from my hands. Much of it had dried, but enough had gotten on my fingertips that it still had a tacky feel when I rubbed the pads of my fingers together.

DOG GONE - a short film

There were bloody fingerprints on the steering-wheel cover, the inside door-handle, and God only knew where else. Storms had been rocking the area for the last week. Although it had been warm during the initial days of moisture, a cold front had come in during the previous night and now thin layers of ice covered the ground.

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One of these patches nearly brought me to my knees. I placed my left hand on the top of the car and used the vehicle to brace myself. It had been such a horrible, horrible accident. When I had felt the gun jerk in my hand and seen her spasm with the impact, it had seemed that I was feeling the pain almost as vividly myself as she must have.

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I summoned my courage and placed the key in the lock and turned it. As the lid swung upward, I saw her there, fragile and expose. With the exception of the bloody wound, she looked almost as beautiful in death as she had once in life. Poor Cassandra. She had been mine for almost nine years. I picked up her limp body, which seemed heavier now in death than it had in life, and headed toward a stand of trees a hundred yards from the road.

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The film revolves around a young boy who rescues and hides a golden retriever carrying a fortune in stolen diamonds from a band of thugs. When Owen Luke Benward and his distracted older sister, Lilly Brittany Curran , are alone and their parents are away, Owen delivers the paper while being bullied by a school bully named Dexter and his gang who harass Owen by throwing his bike, newspapers and pants off a bridge , and spends afternoons in a forest hideaway making inventions and spinning tall tales about a "Mad Man of the Mountain" in which he claims to be a scary man who used to work in a circus freak show but later moved to live in the mountains to be free.

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Unbeknownst to Owen, the thugs have previously committed a diamond heist and supposedly hid the stolen diamonds on the dog's collar. With Owen's help, the dog escapes from the thugs and Owen bonds with the golden retriever whom he names Diamond. When he reads a newspaper account about the thugs' diamond heist, he soon realizes about how they are the chief suspects and how they hid the diamonds on Diamond. He takes her to the police, but the police believe that the story is not true, thinking that Owen might be telling stories about the "Mad Man" making friends with a bigfoot.

So Owen decides to look after Diamond. He hides her at his forest hideaway and visits her often to feed her and comfort her. Meanwhile, the thugs are searching for Owen and Diamond. They attempt to confront him personally by showing up at his house after getting the location from Dexter.

Owen escapes into the woods but the thugs catch up with him just as Diamond escapes. As the thugs explore the woods he warns them about the "Mad Man" and shows them some of the inventions he built for the "Mad Man".

Dog Gone: A Lost Pet's Extraordinary Journey and the Family Who Brought Him Home by Pauls Toutonghi

Owen then escapes the thugs and rigs his hideaway in the forest with booby traps for them. As he heads back to his house, he is caught by the thugs again, but Owen manages to escape from their grasp.

He runs into the woods with Diamond and the thugs give chase. They trace Owen to his hideway and search the whole area from him, but end up setting off Owen's booby traps one by one. At one point, Blackie finally catches Owen.

Doggone Story Contest

The thugs tie Owen to a chair at the hideaway, while the thugs inspect Diamond for the diamonds. Blackie notices a band-aid on Diamond's stomach that Owen previously put on her and suspects Owen did something to Diamond. When Blackie orders Owen to show him where he hid the diamonds, he leads them to a canoe trailer, which belongs to the "Mad Man" and claims he hid them in it.

Bud and Arty jump into the canoe to find the diamonds and become glued to their seats of the canoe, as part of Owen's booby traps. But the two find the collar in the canoe and toss him to Blackie, but he becomes annoyed. He tells Owen he actually hid the stolen diamonds in Diamond's stomach and that the collar had fake diamonds on it so they could celebrate the diamond heist.

Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story
Doggone - a short story Doggone - a short story

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