Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home

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Then tie as many ribbons around the drum as you like and affix The Sun card to the drum you could probably slip it under one of its strings with the image facing out. Begin tapping on the drum with both hands. Just play," Alexander advises. Feel it breaking up the dense, depressing energy around you. If anxiety is your Achilles heel, this relaxing ritual will be your defense. As Alexander says, " This relaxing ritual helps you release stress, stay calm, and ease emotional upsets in the presence of everyday annoyances.

Collect your materials, wash the stones with mild soap and water, and then pat them dry.

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Hit play on your music, and then cast a circle around your spell area. Write the word "peace" on the candle with your ballpoint pen. Then "dress" the candle by rubbing it with your essential oils though not on the wick , and light it.

Hold one gemstone in each hand, sit in a comfortable place, and close your eyes. Rub the smooth stones with your fingers. Feel the stones neutralize stress, irritability, and anxiety. Focus on your breathing. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back and say or think the word 'peace. Devote at least 10 minutes to this practice. When you feel ready, open your eyes, blow out the candle, and open the circle.

Crystals each carry their own vibrational frequency and have been used in myriad healing practices for hundreds of years. Never built one before? Not to worry: Here is a beginner's crystal grid format that Johnson says is perfect for promoting happiness and positivity.

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Identify a place in your home where your grid can remain unperturbed. To do this, simply hold each crystal between your hands while concentrating for a minute or two on the intention you wish to set, then thanking the crystal for helping you on your way. Now you will construct your grid. Start by placing the clear quartz crystal in the center. Next, place the rose quartz stones north, south, east, and west of the center stone.

Firewolf's Simple Spells for a Happy Home by Kyle Brandon Leite | | Booktopia

Finally, place the citrine stones between each of the rose stones. Using the small piece of paper, write down your intention or goal and place it under the center stone. Now your grid is finished and ready to aid you. Per Johnson's advice, try to spend a few minutes with your crystal grid each day meditating on its purpose and expressing gratitude for its powers. Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Red-pink, ruby, or rosy red candles are occasionally used in love magick.

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These candles combine the sexual urgency of red with some of the sweetness and tenderness of the color pink—a kind of compromise between love and lust. Red-orange candles are suitable for spells of power, victory, and motivation. Fiery red combined with Airy yellow suggests success in business or creative ventures. Choose these colors when you want the energy of your red candle spell to be tempered by wisdom and grounded in the element of Earth.

Burgundy is an excellent choice for spells of manifestation, courage, loyalty, and earned success. Dual-color or reversing candles are half-red, half-black.

Firewolf's Simple Spells for a Happy Home

This type of candle is used for reversing negativity and undoing spells cast by another. Red candles are unscented but can be dressed with Reversing Oil before use.

The reversing candles we sell are black on top and red on the bottom—which is the proper way to construct a reversing candle. All of our spell candles are unscented. Wherever you shop for magickal supplies, you will usually find this to be the case. Most Witches prefer to add their own scented oil to suit the working, or to skip the scent entirely. Just remember that scents just like colors have their own meanings that work on your unconscious magickal mind.

The sensory input can either amplify or weaken the energy of your spell. The best of the holiday scents for candle magick is cinnamon. Cinnamon corresponds to Fire, Mars, passion, and protection magick—so it is a perfect match for most red candle spells. Other red candle scents in the holiday category include Christmas spice, cranberry, apple cider, and occasionally, peppermint. Most people either love or hate holiday scents. If smelling them makes you feel like a sparkling sugarplum, then go for it! A second category of red candles scents is florals.

Red rose, honeysuckle, hibiscus, and other red blooms make an appearance on the red candle aisle. Red flowers stand for attraction and seduction. Their sweet aromas are perfect for spells of romance, but less appropriate in spells of protection. And then we have the food category: Cherry pie, candy apple, blood orange, strawberry, tropical punch. In general, foodie-scented candles are better for mundane use than for candle magick. However, if one of these fruity flavors is particularly appetizing to you or to your intended partner , why not try it for your next love spell?

As the color of the warrior, red is an obvious choice for protection spells. Red emboldens and fortifies the spell-caster to stand up against any adversary. Studies have shown that just viewing the color causes increased heart rate and breathing—physiological responses associated with both sexual arousal and anger. Red is linked to the element of Fire, the fastest-acting and most overtly destructive of the four elements. A burning red candle can be used to cast a powerful circle of protection and fight back against wrongdoers.

Many protection spells combine red candles with other Martial ingredients: Iron nails or chili peppers, for example. Anger gets a bad rap in some spiritual communities, where everyone is supposed to be made of rainbows and white light. But to reject anger entirely is to leave a powerful magickal tool on the shelf. Warriors of bygone days understood that raw fury is a way to tap into special reserves of courage, agility, and strength—similar to what science now calls the fight-or-flight response.

The magickal adept is never consumed by anger, but he or she knows how to manipulate anger to create a desired outcome. Red is considered an auspicious color, especially in Asian countries.

Keeping The Peace Spell : How To ~ The White Witch Parlour

Brides in China, Japan, and India wear red on their wedding days. Holiday decorations often include red and gifts of money are given in red envelopes. In the west, red garments signified majesty and authority as early as the Byzantine Empire. Rich red dyes often sourced on the Asian continent were a favorite status symbol of the merchant class in European cities. By this logic of symbols, red candles are a fine choice for spells of good luck, success, and prosperity.

I love red lipstick. And as a novice manager, I noticed that people paid more attention when I was talking if my lips were red. Anyway, I had been at a new job for just a few weeks when an older lady, a dishwasher from South America, brought me a gift: A tube of pink lipstick.

Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home
Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home
Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home
Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home
Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home Firewolfs Simple Spells for a Happy Home

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