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The Green Flash Phenomenon and How to See It

This is why the sun usually appears warm as it hits the surface. Typically, greens and blues are bent away from our eyes as the sun sets. Other prisms are bike reflectors and sometimes glass, which can turn daylight into a small rainbow on the ground. First of all, never stare at the sun for a prolonged period of time.

The California Sun

Let your camera do the hard work. You could also catch the green flash as the sun rises above the horizon, but this takes some guesswork since you'll need to approximate where and when the sun will come up. The green flashes last only a moment or two. You should be in an area with a distant, flat and cloudless horizon to see through as much of the atmosphere as possible.

Stable, sinking air commonly found in high-pressure areas can boost your chances of seeing a green flash.

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Green flashes occur because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors. Green flashes are a group of phenomena which stem from slightly different causes, and therefore some types of green flashes are more common than others. While there is no optimal condition that will guarantee a green flash sighting, a green flash is best observed with a clear view of the horizon and in an area that is free of pollution.

It is more likely to see a green flash when there is visibility of several miles, almost to the point of the curvature of the earth, and the sky is cloudless.

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  8. Green flash sightings frequently occur at the ocean, where more of the atmosphere is visible and the line of sight is virtually parallel to the horizon. Prairies also have the appropriate conditions for a green flash sighting. One popular but inaccurate explanation attributes green flashes to the sun shining through the waves on the ocean.

    Can You Find the Green Flash in Hawaii?

    However, the light entering a wave is bent downward, into the water and cannot escape. Another common misconception is that a green flash is afterimage, a result of the saturation of the red cones in the human retina or that it was an enduring image that remained after the sun had set.

    But sightings of the green flash at sunrise made both of these ideas implausible. Siesta Key has some of the most brilliantly colored sunsets, expansive rays of glowing reds, golds, oranges, pinks, purples, and blues, and also reflecting clouds with clear skies. Sunsets are quite the event on Siesta Key with crowds of people flocking to the beach to see the sunset every evening.

    Some people clap, cheer, some play music, while others sound off an airhorn.

    Overpowering the Sun with Flash - OnSet ep. 92

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    Is the green flash real? (Beginner) - Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer

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    Flash of the Sun Flash of the Sun
    Flash of the Sun Flash of the Sun
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    Flash of the Sun Flash of the Sun
    Flash of the Sun Flash of the Sun
    Flash of the Sun Flash of the Sun

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