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Fox and Rabbit's Garden: A Tale of Rabbit-less Stew

Ds really wants guinea pigs as if we don't have enough animals already , and I have to say that I am put off having them as am afraid that a fox might get them.

We've never had foxes in our garden, but I know that there are urban foxes around. Thought there wasn't much hope but she was such an aggresive little thing if they tried to carry her away and she wasn't killed straight away she might still have escaped. Yes the male rabbit will be indoors for a few days while we make his enclosure more fox proof. I'm not sure I want to pimp for a rabbit again, I don't want him to live in permanently and I'm worried about keeping him safe now so he'd have to be locked in his huch more often.

He's a big dope so should rehome easily. I am exploring colditz-like enclosures atm. As far as I can see, an outdoor run needs to have a base so that the rabbits can't dig out, really sturdy wire, and fox-proof bolts. I am thinking of pegging the run down with tent pegs, so it can't be tipped up. I have not found one with a mesh base, through which the rabbits could nibble. That's what I'm looking for. My daughters rabbit went missing last week, pen door open and white fur on lawn, I think maybe a fox, no trace of blood etc, grandchildren so upset, we made the garden rabbit escape proof, so if it was a fox the poor little thing could not escape, feel so guilty.

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Keep thinking maybe he got away from mr fox, but could not get back into garden. My daughters run was sitting on a patio, but the fox still managed to open door with a twisted lock. Registering is free, quick, and means you can join in the discussion, watch threads, get discounts, win prizes and lots more. Start new thread in this topic Watch this thread Flip this thread Refresh the display Add a message This is page 1 of 1 This thread has 13 messages.

Keeping Rabbits In The Garden

Add message Report. Foxes make themselves even more unpopular by rummaging in dustbins, leaving strong-smelling scent marks and fouling the area with faeces. A If foxes have only recently started using your garden, try to make it less attractive to them. Block entrance holes to the garden; remove temptations such as food put out for pets or other wildlife; and avoid animal-product fertilisers such as bonemeal.

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A It's worth experimenting with repellents as they can be effective. For best results treat the areas where the animals enter the garden, and any places where foxes lie. Repeat if necessary after 10 days. The Fox Project also recommends the Scarecrow device which is motion activated and shoots foxes with a jet of water.

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A Foxes can climb and jump like cats, so normal fencing is not much of an obstacle to them. However, they can be kept out with roofed structures such as fruit cages. To prevent them scrabbling under the netting, add about 30cm of chicken wire at the base, with half bent outwards and pegged down flat, or buried under a few centimetres of soil.

Q Do visiting foxes cause any health risks? A Foxes may suffer from mange, which makes their hair fall out. In theory this could be passed on to dogs but in practice it does not seem to happen.

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If there are mangy foxes in your area, The Fox Project can give advice. Fox faeces may contain parasites, so wear gloves when clearing them up; bury them deeply or wrap them up and bin them. Fox tapeworms have caused concern on the continent, but do not occur in British foxes. A Foxes will attack small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as poultry or other birds. Keep them out with secure pens and runs.

Rabbit Repellent - Moth Balls, Bobcat or Coyote Urine, Home Depot, Lowes, Sound Machine Deterrent

Foxes tend to avoid dogs, and cats seem well able to look after themselves. Kittens could be at risk, however, so keep them in at night. Q Do foxes and badgers have any legal protection? A Landowners are allowed to kill foxes, but this is neither advisable nor necessary in a garden context.

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A Your local county Wildlife Trust can usually give advice and information, or you could contact one of the organisations listed:. Gardening will show you how. Join today and receive your free A3 monthly jobs wall planner. Q Why are foxes attracted to gardens?

Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden
Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden
Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden
Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden
Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden
Fox and Rabbits Garden Fox and Rabbits Garden

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