Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace

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Bhagwati understands the complexity of the situation and accepts the difficult situation of his caste Hindu friends. For him,his relationship with Lord Ram allows him to have patience with others without judging them. Ramdas Lamb. Today I want to write something that has been in my thoughts for a very long time, but that I have been previously unable to accurately express. I have pondered the reality of the physical world, religion, the various devis and devatas various forms of God that Hindus worship. I also thought about many of the religions that exist in my country, such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism,Buddhism and Zorastrianism.

Because my own Guru knows about all these belief systems, I have learned about them as well from spending time with him. He looks for the essence in all of them and reflects it in his own life and religious experience. What I have gained in this regard is due only to him, and I bow my head to his feet for this. All my religious knowledge comes from the blessings of my Guru. In the process, I reflected on my life when I was a student. I was born in a Hindu family and when my understanding of life grew, I began to take part in religious and social activities.

My father was both a school teacher and a very religious person.

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He had a great influence on me. Later on, I began to study the myths and beliefs of other religions as well and would try to compare one religion to another. I did not find what I was looking for in any of the other religions that are present in my area. The more I searched inside for what was right, I came to realize why I am Hindu. It was an answer that came from my heart and from my experiences. Today, the recognition and understanding of life that I have is due to my Hindu religion, and I feel myself very grateful and happy for many reasons.

I am free to undertake my religious practices as I wish and there are several ways of worshipping God. This is a unique feature of Hinduism. This freedom is there from the time of birth.

My Hinduism is not Exclusive - GandhiServe Foundation

Respect is given to everybody - even the animals and other creatures of this world are given respect, because we believe there is godliness in every living thing and in nature. There are so many other holy books of literature, poetry and stories in the Hindu religion as well. In them, each and every topic is mentioned about life and its requirements. The Puranas teach us that we should adore God every day, and this will lead us toward immortality in life.

One of the more special things about my religion is that it has the capacity to respect all other religions. There is no narrow mindedness in the foundation of Hinduism, although there are some Hindus who are narrow minded. In the Yoga Sutra , he grasped the essence of all yoga knowledge together in a few words.

7 Steps to Happiness According to Hinduism

The two main sets of Patanjali are, "Yoga is the calming of the mind. Then the yogi lives in the light. The way of peace by Patanjali is to calm the mind over the years on the spiritual path more and more, and finally to be able to live in peace. To soothe the thoughts Patanjali recommends a two-step way. The first stage is the development of positive ethic qualities the ten yoga principles. The second stage of the yogic path is to practice meditation.

Select quotations by Mahatma Gandhi

Be meek. Be peaceful. Be tolerant. Basically, be honest with yourself and others. A Yogi is silent in doubt.

God and Religious Toleration/Hinduism

Those who consistently lives in the truth radiate truth. Their fellow men trust them. A Yogi is in professional life generally honest. He does not seek unwarranted advantage, but he is looking for fair trade. Do not serve the money outer pleasure but the inner happiness enlightenment.

Be centered in your inner happiness and peace. A spiritual person lives modestly outwardly and inwardly rich. A Yogi uses his energy not in outer actions, but lives so peaceful that it turns inward and cleanse his body from the inside. One day, he lives permanently in the light the cosmos energy. We can worship an image Goddess, Shiva , we can bow before a statue or speak a mantra prayer.

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Send light to all beings, and wish a happy world. Without a crucifixion there is no enlightenment. True sacrifice is an art. He who sacrifices too much braced themselves internally. Who sacrifices too little, does not solves his tentions. How do you get inner peace today? I take things as they are. Tapas means to lead a disciplined life.

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Follow your inner wisdom and you'll win on your spiritual path. Get into the satisfaction with yourself and your life?

My Hinduism is not Exclusive

God in Hinduism is called "Brahman". Brahman is the universe, the father and mother of all beings.

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Brahman is the highest dimension in the cosmos. Brahman is around and within all beings. To live in Brahman means to live in the light. Brahman can be realized through sat-chit-ananda, a life in peace existence , unity and love to all beings. The many Gods and Goddess in Hinduism are role models to awaken the enlightenment energy. The most important Gods are Vishnu the god of love and Shiva the god of yoga. Brahma is the god who represents the cosmic consciousness.

With his four heads he visualizes the whole universe all four directions together. Thus he becomes one with Brahman cosmic consciousness. Swami Sivananda wrote of Brahman: "He who has realized Brahman, becomes quiet. The supreme reality is absolute joy. Rise up step by step to the transcendent experience where all names and forms disappear and only the pleasure of God exists. Divine grace is the greatest treasure in life. Ignorance exists as long as egoism is available.

Egoism is the great confusion. God is the source of all happiness.

Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace
Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace
Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace
Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace
Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace

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