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Missional Voice: Volume 4

Technically, slut-shaming is defined as defaming a woman for the presumed frequency of her sexual activity.

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This man, however, had no idea about my sister's degree of promiscuity as defined, of course, by the patriarchy. So what was this decidedly non-feminist scene actually about?

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Her clothes? She was dressed like Rosie the Riveter — blue dungarees and bandana to finish. Maybe her feminist attire modelled after a year-old metal factory worker in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is what upset him, but I doubt that a man who clearly suffered from a healthy bout of toxic masculinity knew anything about feminist icons. We live in a society where men are studs and women are whores — in T-shirts apparently.

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  8. A ubiquitous double standard still exists when it comes to women and men in society. He used the word to demean her and undermine her power. She projects a security and confidence he clearly could not stand.

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    He, on the other hand, was short, objectively unattractive and so unhappy with himself and his life that he managed to walk out of Mary Poppins under an umbrella of aggression. When they go low, I definitely do not go high. I do not believe in rising above someone.

    Twas the season...

    I believe that you come down to theirs so that they can understand you. His slut-shaming continued when he called me a whore in a T-shirt. He then proceeded to tell me that my mother is also a slut and my father is a bitch.

    ‘Twas the season for Giggles, and all thru the land,

    All of this was equivalent to a four-year-old calling someone a poo-head on a playground. The officers saw him pull out a stolen razor and throw it to the ground. The officers knew about the knife being used in the robbery and presumably now somewhere on his person.

    A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts: Twas the season

    With his agitated mindset and his hands in his pockets, the officers feared for their safety and pulled out their firearms and pointed them at the subject. He was handcuffed and searched, and a switchblade was found in his pants pocket. The subject was booked at Northern Station.

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    Officers responded to a call regarding a male stealing items from a bulldozer and attempting to steal the bulldozer itself. They arrived to see him removing chains that secured the bulldozer to its trailer. They ordered him to show his hands and step away from the construction vehicle, but he did not comply and continued to manipulate the chains.

    ‘Twas the Season to Add an Ornament to Daisy’s Care Tree

    They had to physically stop and detain him, which was accomplished without injury. He was searched, and the officers found a bottle of prohibited pills in his pocket.

    Either way, it was a festive time for a very close-knit community. Such traditions began to fade by the early '60s and disappeared within a few years as the Uptown Campus became populated with more than 10, students. About the University at Albany A comprehensive public research university, the University at Albany offers more than undergraduate m ajors and minors and master's, doctoral, and graduate certificate programs. UAlbany is a leader among all New York State colleges and universities in such diverse fields as atmospheric and environmental sciences , business , criminal justice, emergency preparedness , engineering and applied sciences , informatics , public administration , social welfare , and s ociology taught by an extensive roster of f aculty experts.

    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season
    Twas the Season Twas the Season

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