Science and Human Origins

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What a Plant Knows. Daniel Chamovitz. Darwin's Doubt.

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Philip Frymire. Philosophy of Microbiology.

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Maureen O'Malley. Plant Evolution.

Science and Human Origins

Karl J. Theoretical works include Corbey , Raymond and Roebroeks , Wil eds. Newspaper science is discussed in Bowler, op. He is the subject of a forthcoming biography by Julie Cormack. For the Hesperopithecus episode see Regal, op. Series B , pp. See also Barkan, op. I would like to thank the UK Economic and Social Research Council, whose funding of the Colonialism in Comparative Perspective: Tianjin under Nine Flags, — research project at the University of Bristol made this research possible, and the Rockefeller Archives Centre in Sleepy Hollow, who awarded me a grant-in-aid to work in the Rockefeller Foundation archives.

I am particularly grateful to Robert Bickers, director of the Tianjin under Nine Flags project, for supporting this research while I was a research assistant at the University of Bristol, and for providing a highly stimulating forum for discussion. I would also like to thank the editorial staff and anonymous reviewers at the BJHS and the members of the World History research cluster at the University of Manchester especially Georg Christ, Pierre Fuller, Aya Homei and Natalie Zacek for giving feedback on earlier drafts of this article.

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Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins
Science and Human Origins Science and Human Origins

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