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The roughly six-square-mile mudhole turned out to be a glaciological gold mine. The mud, in scientific terms, was laminated lacustrine sediment. Each layer represented one year of accumulation: coarse sands and silts, caused by high runoff during the summer months, sandwiched over fine-grained clay that settled during the long winter months when the lake was covered in ice.

The mud laminations, called varves, look like tree rings. Using radiocarbon dating, Loso and his colleagues determined that Iceberg Lake existed continuously for over 1, years, from at least A. The varves were thicker during warmer periods, for instance from A.

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Between and , during the little ice age, the varves were again thinner—less heat means less runoff and thus less lacustrine deposition. Loso scratched his grizzled face. It was a threshold event, not incremental, but sudden. I ran into Spencer Williamson—small, wiry, horn-rimmed glasses—in the Golden Saloon late one Thursday night.

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The place was packed. Williamson and a buddy were hosting an open-mike jam session. Patt Garrett, 72, another end-of-the-roader—she sold everything she had in Anchorage to get a lopsided cabin on main street McCarthy—was being twirled around by a tall, bearded Irishman in pink tights and a tutu. During a break in the music, Williamson, an ebullient, hard-core kayaker, volunteered to take me boating first thing in the morning. Since it was already morning, we were soon walking through the woods with our inflated pack rafts bouncing on our heads.

Weighing only about eight pounds, these ultralight, one-person rafts have completely changed the way adventurers explore all across Alaska, but particularly in Wrangell-St. Because there are few roads and hundreds of rivers, climbers and backpackers were once confined to small, discrete areas, hemmed in by enormous, unfordable waterways.

Today you can be dropped off with a pack raft, paddle across a river, deflate your boat, load it into your pack, cross a mountain range, climb a peak, then raft another river all the way out. We dipped our Alpacka rafts into the cold blue Kennicott Glacier Lake. Wearing dry suits, we stretched our spray skirts over the coamings, dug in our kayak paddles and glided away from the forest. We slid over the water, stroking in unison, moving surprisingly quickly. When I noted how easy this was compared with trying to traverse along the shore, Williamson laughed.

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Bushwhacking in Alaska is a special kind of misery. With a pack raft, you can just float across a lake or down a river rather than fighting the bushes and the bears. He migrates south in the winter. This snowbird lifestyle is the standard in McCarthy.

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Mark Vail is one of only a few dozen hearty souls who actually winter over. The other residents—some 50 of whom are guides—abscond from fall to spring, escaping to Anchorage or Arizona or Mexico or Thailand. But they return to tiny McCarthy every summer, like the rufous hummingbird that flies back from Latin America to the same Alaskan flower. We glided right up beneath the black wall of ice. This was the toe of a mile-long glacier.

The big toe, as it turned out. We paddled around the peninsula up into a narrow channel. It was like a slot canyon in ice. Rocks melting off the surface of the glacier plunged 50 feet, splashing like little bombs all around us. Past this channel we paddled through a series of icebergs, moving deeper into the glacier until we entered the final cul-de-sac.

He spotted a hole in the headwall and we paddled over to it, passed through a thin curtain of ceaseless dripping, and entered a low-ceilinged, blue ice cave. I reached up and touched the scalloped ceiling with my bare hands. It felt like cold, wet glass. This ice is thousands of years old. It fell as snow high on 16,foot Mount Blackburn, was compressed into ice by the weight of the snow that fell on top of it, and then began slowly bulldozing its way downhill.

We sat quietly in our boats inside the dark ice cave and stared out at the bright world through the line of dripping glacier water. The glacier was melting right before our eyes. Elias is not like any park in the lower 48 because it is not static. El Capitan in Yosemite will be El Cap for a thousand years.

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Barring some tectonic catastrophe, Yellowstone will be burbling along for centuries. But Wrangell-St. Elias, because it is a landscape of moving, melting glaciers, is morphing every minute.

It will be a different park ten years from now. According to a recent scientific report, between and , glaciers melting in Alaska lost more than cubic miles of water—nearly four times the volume of Lake Erie. Elias for two decades.

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Elias welcomes 40, visitors every year, and each of them will maximize the visit with this all-new guidebook. The Tyndall Glacier, on the southern coast of Alaska, has been retreating so quickly that it is leaving behind steep, unsupported walls of rock and dirt. On October 17, , the largest landslide in North America in 38 years crashed down in the Taan Fjord. The landslide was so enormous it was detected by seismologists at Columbia University in New York. Over million tons of rock slid into the Taan Fjord in about 60 seconds.

This, in turn, created a tsunami that was initially feet high and roared down the fjord, obliterating virtually everything in its path even as it diminished to some 50 feet after ten miles. But not here! Here glaciers tell the story. Before leaving Wrangell-St. This can portend only one event: the Hidden Creek Lake jokulhlaup. Dammed by a wall of ice ten miles up the Kennicott Glacier, Hidden Creek Lake has once again bored beneath the glacier and is draining.

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  • The whole town goes out to the walking bridge. Sure enough, the river is raging, a full five feet higher than just a few hours earlier. The bridge is packed with revelers hooting and toasting this most dynamic of glacial events.

    Secrets of the Stream by Elizabeth A. Miller

    A guide named Paige Bedwell gives me a hug and hands me a beer. This article is a selection from the May issue of Smithsonian magazine. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. New Releases.

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    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)
    Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1) Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series Book 1)

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