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Trying to move on from your own mistakes and be a better man. As Shadowman, Jack will never fully be able to escape his own demons. The series would be the fourth Valiant series to get a Brushed Metal variant cover for the first issue.

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This one, however, would also feature a glow-in-the-dark effect in homage to the glow-in-the-dark variant cover of Shadowman Volume 2 Pre-Order Bundles with exclusive covers and bonus material such as character designs, scripts, and interviews would also be available: The first bundle would include issues and the second bundle issues Sign In Don't have an account?

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James , Cole Cardinaux and Jack Boniface. However, where the previous owners wore the Mask on their faces to access its powers, Mike LeRoi has the mask implanted within his chest, making him truly a slave to it and Mama Nettie. Lord of Deadside. Sign In Don't have an account? Yes, the film is behaviorally broad, but this broadness is utilized by the reliably underrated director, Taylor Hackford, as a form of catharsis. Merely tacking an affirmation of immigrant rights onto a familiar Christmas narrative about selflessness requires little more than an evocation of a general Slavic-ness about the characters.

Currently homeless, she travels with a roller suitcase from crash pad to crash pad, drinking heavily, bringing home one-night stands, and openly flirting with customers at work.

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Kate is employed full time at a Christmas shop in London whose wisecracking owner Michelle Yeoh goes by the name Santa. We only learn what happened to Kate when she reveals the scar from an operation to Tom Henry Golding , the beautiful, saintly man she begins seeing after finding him bird-watching outside the Christmas shop. Kate loves George Michael—one imagines she feels a bond with the late singer, the son of a Balkan immigrant himself, though the filmmakers leave this unexplored—and thus Last Christmas attempts to remake some of his most well-known songs into seasonally appropriate tunes.

Such films, though, earned their Christmas miracles and holiday moralizing by grounding their stories in a sense of the community created by bonds between fully realized characters. Emmerich, a latter-day heir to the cinema-as-spectacle tradition of Cecil B. DeMille, employs special effects in Midway not to induce a sense of you-are-there verisimilitude, nor to exhilarate audiences with a series of death-defying stunts.

In addition to the Battle of Midway, the film depicts the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, and other skirmishes in the Pacific during WWII, and these sequences, so bathed in honeyed sunlight, exude a sense of wide-eyed gee-whiz glee: all the fun of battle with none of the icky gore. Midway is a paean to those brave American soldiers of the greatest generation, one that positions the brave sailors of the U. Navy as scrappy underdogs who, after the humiliating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, make it their mission to avenge themselves on the Japanese.

The film studiously avoids acknowledging anything about the era it depicts that might make its target audience read: white History Channel-watching patriarchs uncomfortable. Nowhere is this more evident than in its treatment—or, rather, complete non-treatment—of race. Emmerich not only completely sidesteps the issue of racial segregation in the military, black soldiers are completely unseen in the film, despite the fact that many African-Americans served on U.

Less flashy but similarly righteous is a naval intelligence officer, Edwin Layton Patrick Wilson , who fights the good fight against the bureaucracy in order to convince the higher-ups that the Japanese plan to attack the Midway atoll. Woody Harrelson also shows up looking tired and slightly lost as Admiral Chester W. The script never invests us in any of these characters, failing to establish real narrative stakes for any of them.

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The plot is really little more than perfunctory filler between the battle sequences, which are peppered throughout the film with the regularity of dance numbers in a Rogers and Astaire musical. Midway is reportedly a longtime passion project for Emmerich, for which he scraped together funds from a number of sources, making it one of the most expensive independent films of all time.

These funders included some Chinese equity firms, which may account for the presence of a completely tangential subplot involving Army Air Forces officer Jimmy Doolittle, played by Aaron Eckhart, bonding with oppressed peasants in Japanese-occupied China. In these moments, Midway suggests old newsreel footage come to life.

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Increasingly, animated films are opting for more experimental approaches, and often by taking inspiration from past techniques. His father Sam McMurray , the very rich head of the international postal service, has given him an ultimatum: establish a functioning post office in Smeerensburg, where so many others have failed before, or be cut off from his luxurious lifestyle.

As a tipsy ferryman, Mogens Norm MacDonald , notes at one point, the townsfolk have one thing to say to each other and no need for letters to say it: In some long-standing Hatfield-McCoy-esque familial feud, they swing axes and fire muskets at one another, making the ramshackle town a perpetual warzone. No one in Smeerensburg sends their children to school because that would mean mingling with the enemy, and out-of-work teacher Alva Rashida Jones has adapted by using the schoolhouse for her side gig as a fishmonger, filleting catches right on her desk in front of the chalkboard.

As he visits the unaccommodating locals, Jesper discovers a gruff, reclusive woodsman named Klaus J. All they have to do is ask for one by sending a letter with, of course, postage paid to Jesper. And he drops into homes via chimney because the unwelcoming townsfolk of Smeerensburg, whose lawns and porches are littered with spikes and bear traps, naturally keep their doors locked. And with gorgeous animation that makes what was once old feel new again, Klaus essentially becomes a metaphor for its unique and refreshing mode of expression.

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Cast: Jason Schwartzman, J. Estranged from his family, Hal cavorts with Falstaff Edgerton , spending his nights at taverns and waking alone because Falstaff has ushered the women whom the prince beds out of their inn at sunrise. After the deaths of his father and brother, and despite his emo rebellions, Hal assumes the role of Henry V with a mandate to pursue peace and a haircut that transforms this brooding figure into a wary warrior.

His attention is soon consumed by the French, who send spies to infiltrate his circle of confidantes, and whose heir apparent, the Dauphin of France Robert Pattinson seems intent in taunting him into battle. The King somehow becomes more self-serious after Henry integrates Falstaff into his advisory council, reinventing the massive gallivant into a gentle friend and self-proclaimed man of few words. Instead, the two are sent into a scrum of armored bodies drowning one another in puddles and stabbing heedlessly. G iven its batshit premise—big-game hunter brings deadly jungle animals aboard an ancient freighter that just also happens to be transporting an imprisoned American assassin— Primal makes for a disappointingly ordinary action flick.

Primal is essentially composed of scenes in which disposable extras wander hallways, waiting to get picked off. In one scene, Frank is relaxing up in a tree somewhere in a Brazilian rainforest, eating nuts, smoking a stogie, and waiting for his prey to take the bait. One also assumes that a parallel will be established between Richard and the jungle animals as rhyming prey that Frank must hunt, but the animals are often forgotten and utilized only for the occasional jump scare or surprise fatality. Primal threatens to catch fire whenever it actually engages with its premise, especially in a competently staged knife fight between Frank and Richard that allows Cage and Durand to hit 11 on the machismo meter.

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Connect with us. Up Next Review: 24 Hours to Live. You may like. Features Interview: Lauren Greenfield on The Kingmaker and Threats to Democracy Greenfield discusses how the film relates to her body of work and the warnings Americans ought to heed from it.


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