Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*

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'Gorgeous and Drugged'

Again- an element of self destruction and submerged anger. Her friendship with the birdman also shows her ease with depressiveness and self destruction rather than with the normal kids around her at college. I also think the film is clever at expressing the sexual violation without any actual sex. But, for all that, I still was merely left a bit depressed at the end, and not particularly overwhelmed.

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Interesting for an hour or two, intrigued enough to check out reviews afterwards, but not massively impressed. The storytellers knew they had something to work with. It was as though the story tellers refused to accept responsibility for anything other than expressing a few raw concepts shrouded in ambiguity, deliberately so because they simply lacked the skill to construct the supporting framework with attention to detail so that all the pieces fit together.

Like an unfinished painting, with the background entirely missing because the artist had not the skill to complete that many layers of complexity. Just grasped at a few key concepts and hoped the audience would simply overlook all that was missing. It has been very interesting to read the many interpretations expressed here.

“Once Upon a Dream” Puts a New Spin on a Classic Tale

Some I think are what the storytellers intended, while others go beyond I think what the storytellers intended, but upon reflection, wish they had. Not because the concepts were beyond my comprehension or because I lacked the depth of perception to appreciate it. I sort of know what you are going for …. Hi everyone, and thank you Thomas for this very sensible review. Is that the same woman, and why is she there, asking to be taken in the same car, on the same ride, with Lucy? A very well thought out review, and some fascinating discussion that follows. I must admit to being somewhat stymied by the ending, but on reflection, it does make some sense.

An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream (From "Sleeping Beauty") (Official Video)

Coupled with her lack of any learning experience through the course of the film, I felt flat and unfulfilled. Lucy appears to have not gained anything from her experiences. The film is beautifully crafted, very reminiscent of Kubrick in the static placement of camera dead centre in a room to emphasize symmetry, in a world and lifestyle that is far from perfect. Every film I have seen her in she has had the same emotionless, bland expression firmly fixed on her face.

While I acknowledge that this would not have been an easy role to play, due to the confrontational sexual nature of the material, I saw nothing to show that she has any sort of range beyond what is shown here as well. I guess if the director was looking to shock with physical, completely unsexual violation, she hit the mark with me.

Not a great film, but certainly thought provoking. Thanks again for your insightful review Thomas. I concur — good review. As has been said before I am one of those people who like things tidied up and finished off — not necessarily with a pretty bow but finished just the same. So yes I would say that was the middle not an end and would be thrilled if there was a follow-up. Theres just so many things i do not understand. Every single shot was beautifully composed and set.

I am just looking for some answers i can find myself lol. I have not seen the movie yet, however I ran across a preview of it on youtube yesterday.

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Now after reading your review and subsequent comments I really want to see it, now I just need to find it. Your review is much appreciated. Im not an arty farty person by any means, but once I was drawn into the movie by the characters, even the ones that dont have a word to say, I was hooked. So much unsaid, yet so much told by the cameras and actors, truth be told small chapters. This movie, had me both feeling uncomfortable and enthralled at the same time.

She is a mystery in this movie as is the plot on some accounts. This movie makes your mind wonder, it kept me awake for 2 hours thinking about the end where she wakes up screaming — or was she dead?? I reckon it will go down as a classic movie — not for everyone as the main reviewer, Thomas Caldwell, says. But I really enjoyed reading this review and the comments, film was good, little confusing, but watched till the end.

Great discussion about the film in this thread. The ending continues to perplex me though.

In the shot from hidden camera at the end does she actually move or is she too also dead next to the guy in the bed? Furthermore, when she first arrives at the country house there is another girl coming out of the back door stumbling and being guided into a car, clearly in bad shape — what was that all about? All depends on if she is dead or not at the end I suppose! The ending… Lucy asked if she could watch what goes on inside the room while the girls are under. When she was told no, due to client secrecy, she instead put a video camera up to record what goes on. When she is awoken in the morning, she discovers the money spent on the camera, instead of rent was a waste for all it catches is the two lifeless bodies, and her questions of what happens in those rooms is still up in the air.

Hi Dave, so you think she was dead in that final shot from the hidden camera? I must admit I did like the fact that the time she chose to capture events in the room was the time when the purpose of the visit was something different to those we had seen previously. Probably reading too much into it there.


Then again though, all the male visitors were off a certain age and all seemed quite sad in one way or another? I would have expected variation in the age of visitors since these days age is no sign of wealth or the ability to pay for services such as those — if the purpose was simply to spend time with the young lady? The woman who was falling asleep and drooling in her seat? What was the significance of Lucy seeing that woman on the train?

Or bus….? I think they say a lot about what we tend to expect from movies. Having just watched the film and looking for explanations to its enigmas, I found your review. Thank you for your analysis, which I found insightful and useful.

I am quite surprised by the vitriol expressed by some of the commentors above and delighted that you responded to so many with a polite, respectful tone despite their rudeness. However, one major issue I have with the film is that there is no basis for relating. Honestly, my reaction was somewhat like: What The Heck!?! As is, though, Sleeping Beauty was an alien to me.

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Sleeping Beauty - Alternative ending

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Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending* Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (A Novel) *Alternate Ending*

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