The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories

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When you read something, you absorb all of the thoughts someone else already had and shared. You learn from their experiences and avoid falling into common pitfall traps. The next step is to seek mentorship. One of the easiest ways to avoid rookie mistakes is by talking to someone who has already made them. Setting aside some time to discuss your plans and ideas with a mentor will accelerate your growth and get you on track much quicker.

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Before I jumped into starting my store, I spoke with both Corey Ferreira and Tucker Schreiber who both wrote case studies on the Shopify blog. This was huge for me, not just strategically, but also emotionally. Taking the plunge into starting a business is not an easy task, but hearing from others that already done so successfully makes it seem more achievable. Feel free to check out Dropship Business Masterminds.

But I did do some things a bit differently. Instead, I found a product. If you understand your ideal customer, then finding a product that fits their wants and needs is simple. You simply need to look at their pain points and desires and an opportunity for a product will leap out at you. Starting with a product, like I did, can be challenging.

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Instead of looking at a set of customers and offering up a solution for their problem, you start with a solution and try to find the problem that it fits with. From my previous research into trending products , I knew that there were certain items out there that were selling like crazy compared to anything else. Based off some of my other reading through past articles, I also knew that there was a massive opportunity to dropship products.

I had recently discovered Oberlo, a popular dropshipping app that allows you to find products to sell online. I read articles on trending products ideas. I started taking each idea and cross-referencing it with what was available on Oberlo. Initially, I identified a few products that seemed like interesting opportunities. Bluetooth speakers was another interesting one, but I wanted to focus on a product that was affordable and easy to ship.

I built out a quick framework outlining what would make an ideal product for my case study:. This part of the process took me a while, as it should. Deciding on a product is an incredibly important part of starting a business, possibly the most important. I decided to try other resources to find more inspiration. Trendosaur was one of the first tools that I tried out.

Trendosaur gave me some insight into what products people were buying. I started to notice some similarities emerging between both Trendosaur and my research on trending products: phone cases. Phone cases are popular right now. The more specialized the niche, the better. During these early stages of this case study, I had just moved into a new condo with my partner and puppy, and I spent most of my weekends browsing furniture store showrooms.

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It was during these trips that I actually had my first moment of inspiration. Between stress testing mid-century couches and sorting through textile swatches, I started to notice that there were some really unique home decor design trends that had taken off recently. The most notable trend?

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Marble cutting boards. Marble coffee tables. Marble was everywhere. This thought stuck in the back of my mind. Marble was incredibly popular and I needed to capitalize on it somehow. I knew I needed to sell marble products, but what? I still remember when it all came together. That moment of pure clarity. It was a mere few days later.

The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories

I was sitting on a couch at the office and noticed that many of my coworkers laptop sleeves were also marble. Then it hit me. Okay, this was promising, but I needed a little more validation. I turned to Google Keyword Planner. The search volume was there. I logged into Pinterest, searched marble phone cases and—wow. Tons of pins. Tons of engagement. This was it. Pay attention to the details. Even a furniture store, apparently.

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Try to look for new trends and patterns in the products you buy. Think about what people want and need. And think about it hard. Now that I had a product idea, it was time to start looking for products to sell. Dropshipping with Oberlo is a simple enough concept. Find a product you want to carry, import it into your store, and—when a customer places an order— process the order directly in the app in one click. Oberlo—a Shopify App that fully integrates with your online store and allows you to choose from millions of products with the click of a button.

Thus, making the entire process simple and straightforward. The other handy thing about Oberlo is that it has its own Chrome Extension for narrowing down manufacturers. When you search for a product on AliExpress, the Oberlo Chrome Extension points out exactly which ones have ePacket, a delivery method, that is crucial to running a successful dropshipping store. With ePacket, orders tend to arrive within a couple of weeks rather than the typical two month wait time for international products.

Not all manufacturers offer ePacket and many only offer ePacket to the US, so you need to keep an eye out for this while in the early stages of planning. Many suppliers sell phone cases.

The tough part is weeding out the great ones from the not so great ones. To do this, you need to look at a few key features.

I avoided any manufacturers that had been operating for less than a year, that seemed too risky for me. I chose dropshipping, specifically, for its lower risk.

Once I tracked down a manufacturer that checked all my boxes, I put in a quick order for all the product variants that I wanted to carry. My samples would take a couple weeks to arrive, so I decided to start building my store. The first thing that I did was try to come up with a business name because, well, I love naming things.

I knew the general vibe of what I wanted my brand name to be: fun, energetic, playful.

The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories
The Laptop Case and Other Urban Stories

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