Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)

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Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot #33)

Several ancient civilizations were located around the Mediterranean shores and were influenced by their proximity to the sea. It provided routes for trade and war, as well as food for numerous communities throughout the ages. Due to the shared climate and access to the sea, c. Pseudonym A pseudonym or alias is a name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose, which can differ from their first or true name.

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Swordships of Scorpio (DAW #81)

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Gor Gor is the Counter-Earth setting for an extended series of sword and planet novels by author and philosophy professor John Norman. The series is inspired by the Barsoom series and Almuric , but is known for its content combining philosophy and science fantasy ; the series is known for its repeated depiction of sexual fantasies involving men abducting and physically and sexually brutalizing women, who grow to enjoy their submissive state. In an interview with the speculative fiction anthology Polygraff , John Norman spoke at length about the creation of the Gor universe and his influences.

Speculation on such a world, is ancient. One of the premises of the Gorean series is that a race of aliens, whom we might speak of as the Priest-Kings, have a technology at their disposal compared to which ours would be something like that in the Bronze Age.

Transit to Scorpio (DAW #33)

Interestingly, however obvious this influence might be, few, if any, commentators, or such, have called attention to it. Gor is described as a habitable planet in the Solar System that shares the same orbit as Earth, but it is linearly opposed to Earth and always hidden by the Sun, making direct observation of it from Earth impossible; the flora and customs of Gor are intricately detailed. Norman populates his planet with the equivalents of Roman, Native American and other cultures. In the novels, these various population groups are transplants from Earth brought there by space-craft through the behind-the-scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance.

The Gorean humans are permitted advanced architectural and medical skills, but are forced to remain primitive in the fields of transportation and weaponry due to restrictions on technology imposed by the Priest-Kings. The most advanced form of transportation is the riding of large predatory birds called tarns by masterful men known as tarnsmen; the limitation of technology is imposed to ensure the safety of both the Priest-Kings and the other indigenous and transplanted beings on Gor, who would otherwise come to harm due to humans' belligerent tendencies.

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The planet Gor has lower gravity than the Earth and would have an lower gravity if not for the technology of the Priest-Kings; the known geography of Gor consists of the western seaboard of a continent that runs from the Arctic in the north to south of the equator , with the Thassa ocean to the west, the Voltai mountain range forming an eastern boundary at many latitudes. There are offshore islands in the ocean and some sparsely settled plains to the east of the Voltai.

The word "Gor" itself means "home stone" in the Gorean language, the native language of the "northern civilized cities of known Gor", a spoken lingua franca in many other areas. Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures, with many of the military engagements borrowing liberally from historic ones, such as the trireme battles of ancient Greece and the castle sieges of medieval Europe. Ar, the largest city in known Gor, has resemblances to the ancient city of Rome , its land empire is opposed by the sea-power of the island of Cos; the series is an overlapping of planetary sword and planet.

The first book, Tarnsman of Gor, opens with scenes reminiscent of scenes in the first book of the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs ; these parallels end after the first few books, when the stories of the books begin to be structured along a loose plot arc involving the struggles of the city-state of Ar and the island of Cos to control the Vosk river area, as well as the struggles at a higher level between the non-human Priest-Kings and Kurii to control the solar system. Most of the books are narrated by transplanted British professor Tarl Cabot, master swordsman, as he engages in adventures involving Priest-Kings and humans.

Books 7, 11, 19, 22, 26, 27, 31, 34 and parts of 32 are narrated by abducted Earth women who are made slaves. Books 14, 15, 16 are narrated by male abductee Jason Marshall. Book 28 features Tarl Cabot. The most important to the books are the insectoid Priest-Kings and the huge sharp-clawed predatory Kurii, both space-farers from foreign star systems; the Priest-Kings rule Gor as disinterested custodians, leaving humans to their own affairs as long as they abide by certain restrictions on technology. The Kurii are an aggressive, invasive race wit. Scorpius Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac.

Its name is Latin for scorpion , its symbol is. Scorpius is one of the 48 constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century, it is an ancient constellation. It lies between Libra to Sagittarius to the east, it is a large constellation located in the southern hemisphere near the center of the Milky Way.

Scorpius contains many bright stars, including Antares , "rival of Mars," so named because of its distinct reddish hue. It has since become a variable star fluctuating between 2. This means.

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U Scorpii is the fastest known nova with a period of about 10 years. Moreover, the entire constellation of Libra was considered to be claws of Scorpius in Ancient Greek times, with a set of scales held aloft by Astraea being formed from these western-most stars during Greek times; the division into Libra was formalised during Roman times. Due to its location straddling the Milky Way, this constellation contains many deep-sky objects such as the open clusters Messier 6 and Messier 7, NGC , the globular clusters Messier 4 and Messier Messier 80 is a globular cluster of 33, light-years from Earth, it is a compact Shapley class II cluster.

M80 was discovered in by Charles Messier , it was the site of a rare discovery in NGC called the Bug Nebula, is a bipolar planetary nebula. In Greek mythology, the myths associated with Scorpio invariably contain a reference to Orion. According to one of these myths it is written that Orion boasted to goddess Artemis and her mother, that he would kill every animal on the Earth.

Although Artemis was known to be a hunter herself she offered protection to all creatures. Artemis and her mother Leto sent a scorpion to deal with Orion; the pair battled and the scorpion killed Orion. However, the contest was a lively one that caught the attention of the king of the gods Zeus , who raised the scorpion to heaven and afterwards, at the request of Artemis, did the same for Orion to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride. There is a version that Orion was better than the goddess Artemis but said that Artemis was better than he and so Artemis took a liking to Orion; the god Apollo, Artemis's twin brother, sent a scorpion to attack Orion.

After Orion was killed, Artemis asked Zeus to put Orion up in the sky.

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So every winter Orion hunts in the sky, but every summer he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes. In another Greek story involving Scorpio without Orion, Phaeton went to his father, who had earlier sworn by the River Styx to give Phaeton anything he should ask for.

Phaeton wanted to drive his father's Sun Chariot for a day. Although Helios tried to dissuade his son, Phaeton was adamant. However, when the day arrived, Phaeton panicked and lost control of the white horses that drew the chariot. First, the Earth grew chill as Phaeton flew too high and encountered the celestial scorpion , its deadly sting raised to strike. Alarmed, he dipped the chariot too close. By accident, Phaeton turned most of Africa into desert and darkened the skin of the Ethiopian nation until it was black. Zeus was forced to intervene by striking the runaway chariot and Phaeton with a lightning bolt to put an end to its rampage and Phaeton plunged into the River Eridanos ; the Babylonians called this constellation MUL.

Let's Play The Curse of the Werewolves part 6 Grandma and Robert END

TAB - the'Scorpion', the signs can be read as'the a burning sting'. In some old descriptions the constellation of Libra is treated as the Scorpion's claws. Libra was known as the Claws of the Scorpion in Greek.

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The Western astrological sign Scorpio differs from the astronomical constellation. Astronomically, the sun is in Scorpius for just six days, from November 23 to November Much of the difference is due to the constellation Ophiuchus , used by few astrologers. Scorpius corresponds to the Hindu nakshatras Anuradha and Mula; the Javanese people of Indonesia call this constellation Banyakangrem or Kalapa Doyong due to the shape similarity.

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Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title. Revision History. Transit to Scorpio. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Alien invasion , H. Wells ' The War of the Worlds. Space exploration , Imagination , August The Maschinenmensch from Metropolis. A novel is a relatively long work of narrative fiction, normally written in prose form, and which is typically published as a book.

Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)
Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33) Werewolves of Kregen (Dray Prescot Book 33)

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